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Careers In-Store

If you want to be on the front line of fashion, In-Store is the place to be. You’ll find it’s where trends start and personal styles are born. Where new designs meet different tastes, and anything can happen. You’ll see it’s the stuff of catwalks and Instagram feeds. Selfies and instant makeovers. You’ll be there to help customers find the things they love, everything from jeans and tees to jumpers and pumps.

Ready to make your Primark?

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Careers in Head Office

Fashion calls for all kinds of people. Product buyers and factory sourcers. Supply chain experts and procurement specialists. You need an ingenious PR team that gets people talking and digital mavericks who get them sharing. You need store builders and the people who finance them. You need all kinds of clever, capable people. Including you.

Prepare to make your Primark

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