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People often ask us how we can offer such great prices while running an ethical business. We believe in affordable fashion that’s available for everyone – but not at the expense of the many people who help make our products.

Fair pay, safety, and healthy working conditions are essential to our mission. That’s why we require all of our suppliers and the factories who make our clothing to meet internationally-recognized standards. Even though 98% of factories making our products also manufacture for other brands, we don’t take any chances or cut corners. That’s why our Ethical Trade & Environmental Sustainability team conducts around 3,000 supplier audits a year to monitor compliance.

We’ve also been an independent Ethical Trading Initiative member since 2006, and have been recognized as its leader since 2011. We expect every partner to abide by its Code of Conduct, which includes zero tolerance for child labor, caps the number of hours employees can work each week, and upholds their right to join a trade union.

Doing things differently

How do we keep prices low without compromising our ethical standards? By doing things a little differently than other retailers. That starts with maximizing the efficiency of our operations. From using iron-on labels to shipping our products in shelf-ready packaging, we find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency at every step in the supply chain. Whether you’re working in one of our depots, one of our retail stores, or designing our sustainable clothing at one of our head offices, you can be proud of our efforts to minimize our environmental impact while treating everyone we work with respectfully.

People working in Primark factory

More than committed

With more than 100 experts on our Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability team, we’re involved with a number of great initiatives. In addition to the Ethical Trading Initiative, we support the Textile Alliance, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and the Greenpeace Detox campaign just to name a few. We recently joined the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, and are also a founding member in the ACT initiative for fair wages. As a member of the Bangladesh Accord on Building and Fire Safety, we’re championing the sustainable improvement of working conditions in Bangladesh’s garment products manufacturing industry.

Our people

From cotton famers to Sales Assistants, everyone involved in bringing Primark’s vision to life is extremely important to us. We’re dedicated to treating people well, paying them a fair wage, and making sure their work environments are held to the highest standards. As one of our colleagues, it’s our mission to look after your well-being and support your professional and personal development both at and outside of work. That’s why we offer a wide range of in-house development programs that can teach you everything from Customer Promise training to the leadership and management skills that can help advance your career.

Our environment

Doing our part to take care of the planet is a big deal to us. From the initiatives we support to the practices we put in place, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

So far, we’ve recycled...


metric tons
of hangers


metric tons
of plastic


metric tons
of boxes


of the waste generated by our stores and warehouses is either recycled or beneficially reused.

We source from 1,000 factories that are in line with our environmental code of conduct, which contributes to 700,000 jobs across four continents. We donate any unsold merchandise to the Newlife Foundation in Europe and KIDS/Fashion Delivers here in the US.

These efforts place us in the top 5% of Ethical Trading Initiative members when it comes to environmental stewardship, and that’s just the beginning of our mission to create a more sustainable planet– one that you can help shape as a member of our team.

Where You Come In

Ready to join a company with a conscience and do work that makes an impact on the lives of people across the world? Between our partnerships with cotton farmers, the measures we’re taking to improve efficiency, and our dedication to providing impeccable working conditions, you’ll have the chance to ensure Primark’s future is more sustainable and ethical than ever.

So, why wait? Join our ethical revolution.

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If you’d like to find out more, visit our ethical trade page.

"We take our responsibility towards the workers in the factories, their environment, our customers and our shareholders very seriously. We work hard to ensure that our products are made under good working conditions, that the rights of employees are respected, and that the manufacturing is in harmony with environmental protection. We are of the opinion that ethical trade should not be linked to the price"

Katharine Stewart, Director of Ethical Trade and Ecological Sustainability at Primark.

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